Battleship Island Gunkanjima Half Day Tour

Battleship Island Gunkanjima Half Day Tour


Price : THB 1,800

รหัสทัวร์ :OPTR16

Basic Itinerary

<Meeting place>
Gunkanjima Conciere Company special lounge
Address: 850-0843 Nagasaki, Tokiwamachi, 1-60 Tokiwa

① By tram from Nagasaki Station, get off at ‘Ourakaigandori (大浦海岸通)’ Station and head to the direction of ‘Gusto (ガスト)’ Restaurant.
② By sightseeing bus, get off at the last exit ‘Nagasaki Dejima Road (ながさき出島道路)’ of the highway, head to the direction of ‘Ourakaigandori (大浦海岸通)’ Station and ‘Gusto (ガスト)’ Restaurant.


09:40 / 12:50 Start checking in at Tokiwa Terminal
10:30 / 13:40 Depart from the port
Crusing around Gunkanjima and sightseeing on the island
13:15 / 16:30 Back to Tokiwa Terminal, tour ends

We are sorry but we are not allowed to go inside or next to the buildings, because of their poor state. We do not know when they will collapse. Instead, you will be able to observe the high-rise apartment buildings from the ship, when having a tour around the island.
Inside the island, you will be required to follow the guide and other staffs instructions, and move into a single group.

<When landing is impossible>
Respect to the conditions of use of the Battleship island landing pier fixed by Nagasaki City, and respect to the conditions of navigation of ship companies, we will determine if landing is or is not possible by referring to weather information.
In case landing on Gunkanjima is not possible, we will refund you the admission to the island and give you our complimentary goods after the tour.

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