Perfect Kyoto 1 Day Tour with Lunch

Perfect Kyoto 1 Day Tour with Lunch


Price : THB 4,400

รหัสทัวร์ :OPTR04

Basic Itinerary

**The schedule & pick up place may be slightly changed in 2020 tour. After your reservation, we will notify you when we have information**

7:30 am

depart from Nishi-Umeda Bus parking near Osaka station Sakurabashi Exit (From 2020: depart from the cafe near Hotel Vischio Osaka)

  • Meeting 10 min prior to the departure time. (7:20 am)
8:30 am

depart from Tully’s Coffee in Kyoto Avanti near Kyoto station Hachijo gate

  • Meeting 10 min prior to the departure time. (8:20 am)

Kiyomizu-dera temple

  • One of the World Heritage
  • The panoramic view of Kyoto is wonderful
  • It has a long history

Sanju-san-gen-do temple

  • One thousand ” Senju Kannon” statues.
  • Enjoy the spectacular views with the line-up of Buddhist statues.

Fushimi Inari Taisya Shrine

  • One thousand Toriis.
  • The Inari shrine hosts the guardian gods for business success, well-being of the family, traffic safety and improvement in performing arts.
  • One of the historical Places


  • West side of Kyoto.

★Lunch info

  • Japanese style lunch with local foods
  • Vegetarian options are available
  • Halal meals can be pre-ordered 2 days prior
Togetsu-kyo bridge
Sagano bamboo forest
Tenryu-ji temple

  • Breath-taking views
  • Tenryu-ji has beautiful traditional Japanese gardens
  • Togetsu-kyo has famous samurai history. Please ask your assistant on the day.

Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden Temple)

  • its top two storeys are covered with pure gold leaf
Drive By : Harajuku
Drop off at JR Kyoto station around 17:15
Drop off at JR Osaka station around 18:30

Meal : Lunch 1 time

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